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Wellbeing Retreats

Luxury 2.5 hour retreats based in the stunning location of Abberley

Red Poppy

Spring Wellness Retreat
April 14th

2.5 hours from 1:00pm-3:30pm

£50 per person.

I provide everything you need to ensure that you can have the deep relaxation you deserve. Step into Spring with a rejuvenating retreat aimed at giving you a space to recharge after Winter, and beginning to invite in the 

BOOK NOW: limited to 5 people.

To book please call/text me on 07494592185 or email me on

Pre-payment required. 

Summer Wellness Retreat

Date TBC

Embrace the energy of summer whilst stepping into a calm and centered space to relax, rest, and reset. All equipment needed provided. 

2.5 hours. 

£50 per person.

For more info text/call me on 07494592185

Dandelion Fields
Autumn Leaves

Autumn Wellbeing Retreat
Date TBC

As the colder temperature comes in retreat to the warm and energising space of Mindfulness, giving both your body and mind a space to recharge and recalibrate. 

For more information please text/call me on 07494592185

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