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Sunset at the Beach

Take the next step on your journey, and unlock your inner joy,

Welcome to Tranquil Mind. I am a fully accredited EFT practitioner and coach, trained counsellor, Mindfulness teacher, yoga instructor, and more. I have spent almost a decade working with people from all walks of life to help them turn their 'dream' life into a reality. 

Whether this means processing and releasing trauma, overcoming addictions or phobias, unlocking your purpose and zest for life, or completing a full-life makeover from your wellbeing down to your coffee brand, rest assured that you are in the right place. 

Want to know more? I start all enquiries with a free, no strings attached call. Book your 15-20 minute call below and we can explore exactly how I would be able to help you.

Take a look below to explore who I am, what I know, and how I could help to support you. 

"Most people are about 3-5 choices away from completely transforming their life".

My job is to meet you exactly where you are emotionally, and empower you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to work through your negative experiences and make your potential a reality. Meaning that those 3-5 choices are now right within your grasp. 

 ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ - Adamantia

I reached out to Tillie because I was really struggling with chronic pain and all the anxiety, anger, frustration and limitations that it caused me. She helped me discover so many insights about my pain, and what's behind it, and she really really helped me become more connected to my body and its sensations. I mean it 100% when I say that she has helped me more ANYONE else in this journey. I'll always appreciate her kindness, intelligence, and sensitivity, she's a person full of light and sunshine.

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